Wynswood Little Acorn Coed Coch Pela Coed Coch Madog Coed Coch Seryddwr
Coed Coch Mefusen
Coed Coch Pioden Coed Coch Glyndwr
Tan-Y-Bwlch Prancio
Twyford Sue Twyford Puzzle Twyford Moonshine
Coed Coch Pwffiad
Coed Coch Sws Gwyndy Lime Light
  Coed Coch Siaradus
TrefaesTail Twyford Mowgli Twyford Gurkha Twyford Puzzle
 Twyford Gala
Twyford Myfanwy Criban Pledge
Dinas Moonstone
Trefaes Grey Lady Belvoir Sundowner Twyford Swing
Belvoir Sunstar
Bryniau Greylight Criban Bantam
Bryniau Grey Lady

     *Trefaes Taran

Three Kings and a Queen.jpg (60735 bytes)

"Three Kings and a Queen"

Trefaes Taran on the Left

Painting by Ann Thompson commissioned for the WPCS Centenary Celebration

                                    Taran and Wynne.jpg (50842 bytes) photo by Carol Maurer

Trefaes Taran and his mentor, the renowned Dr. Wynne Davies

                                                                 Trefaes Taran.jpg (158735 bytes)C. Eventer

              Trefaes Taran Book Picture.jpg (20629 bytes)             Trefaes Taran extended trot 72.jpg (23411 bytes) 

photo by Janneke de Rade

                      Trefaes Taran Front Trotting.jpg (351823 bytes)

Taran Having Fun in the USA at age 19!

                          Trefaes Taran 08-2002 15.jpg (75589 bytes)                 Taran 2004 15.jpg (63601 bytes) Taran 2004 52.jpg (54980 bytes)                     Taran 2004 51.jpg (44078 bytes)   Taran 2004 3.jpg (61970 bytes)            Taran 2004 20.jpg (59841 bytes)Taran 2004 23.jpg (50364 bytes)   Taran 2004 30.jpg (41996 bytes)   Taran 2004 32.jpg (57572 bytes)

 Taran 2004 14.jpg (55352 bytes)                         Taran 2004 34.jpg (66909 bytes)            Taran 2004 10.jpg (47508 bytes)               Taran 2004 35.jpg (48914 bytes)                                Taran 2004 53.jpg (61528 bytes)            Taran 2004 54.jpg (62009 bytes)

A Champion Produces Champions

*Trefaes Taran Offspring

"The Welsh Mountain Pony Stallion TREFAES TARAN ...has once again had a highly successful show season. TARAN has been flying the flag for Equigene UK with foals being born as a result of frozen semen in the United States of America and France. He is currently in great demand in all corners of the World." -- Equigene UK @ www. equigeneuk.com


Ceulan Lucy 020802 Centenary 72.jpg (17622 bytes)

Ceulan Lucy 
*Trefaes Taran X Lisvane Lotus Blossom
1992: Royal Welsh Youngstock Champion over Blackhill Piccalo who went on to be the 2003 International champion; 1st Barry; 1st Gower; 1st and
Champion Porthcawl; 2nd Vale of Glamorgan
1995:  2nd Vaynor, 1st & Reserve Champion Vale of Glamorgan
1998: 1st & Female Champion United Counties, 2nd Brecon County


Vardra Sirius Standing Color  72.jpg (24860 bytes) Vardra Sirius Ridden 1 rotate.jpg (139047 bytes)  Vardra Sirius Ridden 2 rotate.jpg (53040 bytes)

Vardra Sirius
*Trefaes Taran X  Ceulan Sulpasc
Many-time in-hand and performance champion.   
In-Hand Winnings: 1st at Royal Welsh 1999; 1st and Youngstock Champion at Swansea; 1st at Glanusk; 1st at Three Counties; 1st at Pembroke County; 1st and Champion at Ponies (UK)
2001: Many prizes under saddle
2002: Champion ridden Mountain and Moorland pony over all breeds at the big three-day BSPS(British Show Pony Society)Winter championships
Ridden 2003 Winnings: Jr. Small Breeds Ridden and Champion at Southern Counties Welsh Show;  Kingsford Small Breed Ridden and Reserve Champion; Brineton First Ridden and Reserve Champion Ridden and Reserve Supreme Ridden


 Ceulan Lorelei under Saddle.jpg (21314 bytes) Ceulan Lorelei jumping.jpg (18219 bytes)

Ceulan Lorelei
*Trefaes Taran X  Lisvane Lotus Blossom
Owned by Carol Maurer of Gaslight Farm, Lorelei has won many in-hand and English and Western WPCSA and Open performance championships.  
Renowned as a western pony, she was three-time winner of the Western Pleasure Adult Division at the American Nationals.  
In 2000, Year-End award winner in Adult Western Equitation.


  Ceulan Symbol 1.jpg (12361 bytes)

Ceulan Symbol
*Trefaes Taran X  Ceulan Stella
Stallion and 5-time Medal Winner in Wales


Anderin's Pick Pocket 22.jpg (47839 bytes)

Anderin's Pick Pocket
*Trefaes Taran X  Rosmel's Polly Pocket
Grand Champion Section B and 1st in the special All-Section Foal Class at the Mid Atlantic Welsh Pony & Horse Show as a three month old. Dodger went on to win as a yearling and ended up 1st place Sec.B colt on the 
East coast and 3rd Nationally.


Anderin's Momento
*Trefaes Taran X  Remember Me
Like his sire, Mick is also on a winning track.  He has won numerous blue ribbons and was Reserve Grand Champion Half Welsh at the 2005 New Jersey show. Mick also stood ninth at Devon to 38 other colts, a remarkable feat since he was a late summer baby, thus making him much younger than his competition.


Other Taran Offspring in UK and USA

March Troubador   March Troubadour 72.jpg (14109 bytes)  Valentian Whispering Walter Valentian Whispering Walter 72.jpg (19061 bytes)                                     Caris (IC) First KnightCaris (IC) First Knight 72.jpg (10662 bytes) Caris (IC) Love Story  Caris (IC) Love Story  72.jpg (21246 bytes)

     Anderin's Tootsie Pop  Tootsie 106.jpg (86038 bytes)                  

Anderin's Dream Date Anderin's Dream Date 3.jpg (43785 bytes)


Anderin's Caerwynn